Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Cleaning!!!

I love spring time and the beautiful new life surrounding us! In our little corner of the world we don't really have a long spring, we have mostly cold winter and hot summer, thankfully our spring has been rainy and cold so we can stay indoors and spring clean!!!! i love to take that time once a year to really get down and clean the nitty gritty. The kids have been a huge help and so far in two Saturdays of working hard we finally have the kitchen and dining room done!! This Saturday we're on to the living room and bedrooms!! You might think I'm a slave-driver (my spring cleaning list is 3 pages long) but the kids are happy to help!! As you can see by the smiles on their faces while they are "mopping" the kitchen floor!!! Cleaning time is family time!!!
P.S. I promise I gave them rags with a soapy bucket to wash the floor, it was their idea to get the toothbrushes!!!

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Nana said...

ah ha...the famous funny! But as I'm looking at I see a tooth or teeth missing on Jocelyn????