Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our 4th of July weekend

Independence Day is our family's favorite holiday, it might have something to do with a husband/father who is a history education major and loves anything to do with the founding fathers and the great old USofA!! But also we love the warm weather, the food, the BBQ's, the gatherings, etc. etc. etc. This year because the 4th was on a Sunday we had a whole weekend of festivities!! On Friday the 2nd we went with our friends the Jones family to see the Rigby firework show. While we were waiting for it to start we ate snacks, played games, talked, and lit sparklers. The kids sat up on top of the vans and kept asking, "is it time yet?" we kept trying to stall them and tell them, "any minute now" but it was A LOT of minutes. Finally the show started and it was fun but very short due to budget cuts this year!! All in all we had lots of fun!

Seriously, Way behind!!

Back in June, J and I got to have an awesome date night!! Our wonderful neighbor took the kids for 5+ hours while we drove down to Blackfoot to see Brian Regan. He is HILARIOUS!!! We went with some friends down the street and had a blast! No kids and LOTS of laughing. In fact, those of you who know J well, know that he has a very distinguishable laugh, and very loud. A group of people right in front of us actually moved their seats because he was laughing so hard and loud!!! It was tons of fun!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Going extinct........

No, not my blogging, although I am WAY behind on that and I need to catch up. On our trip home from WA and the OR coast we stopped at a gas station that had an actual pay phone in working order. Our kids have never seen one of these and didn't know what it would be used for since we have cell phones, e mail, text, etc. J wanted the kids to take a pic in it so 5 years from now when there are no longer any pay phones anywhere we could say we saw one once!!