Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Baby Reader

Jakey loves to read, he loves it when we read to him and he also loves to "read" to us. It's something I hope he loves to do for the rest of his life!!


We were so happy to spend Christmas at home this year. It was nice to visit with family last year but our kids are getting older and it's been fun to start our own traditions and be in our own home for the holidays!! We got to skype or talk on the phone with all of our family so that was fun! The kids took a little while to wake up on Christmas morning but once they did, they were so excited!! We had a delicious breakfast, made by Daddy then went to church for a beautiful sacrament meeting where the Christmas story was told and beautiful songs were sung!! After church, Jerrod made a delicious birthday/Christmas dinner and we had our fun neighbors over for dinner, treats, and games!! It was a wonderful day!!

Christmas Program

The children did a wonderful job in the Christmas program, it is always so fun to go and watch them sing and talk, to see how hard they've worked to memorize and how excited they are to show us what they've been working on!!!


We try to have family night every Monday. We each take turns being in charge of different things like, the treat, the prayers, the songs, the lesson, etc. This Monday was Sis' turn for the lesson, I asked her if she needed help preparing something and she said "No, it's already done." When FHE came she gave us a wonderful lesson!! She set up bowling pins that had different questions about the Prophet Joseph Smith. We each took a turn to knock one down and whatever one we knocked down we answered that question!! She also read us some scriptures about it and bore her testimony about it. I am so proud of what a wonderful girl she is and what a wonderful lesson she gave, and how much she teaches me everyday!!

Family Pictures

The last family pictures we had taken were right after the baby was born so we decided to update them. We had our wonderfully talented neighbor follow us around town for a little while and try to get some good shots!! I really love how they turned out (these are just a few of the many we took!!) We got individual shots of the kids and some fun family ones all around!!