Monday, April 26, 2010

The Dentist

All growing up I hated the dentist, but that's probably because I had cavities so it wasn't a good experience. J loves the dentist, he says it's like going to a spa!! I'm not that fond of it but I have gotten better-the massaging chairs and TV's in the ceiling help A LOT!!! We really love our dentist, he is very nice and great with our children, the kids love going to the dentist, they get so spoiled- watching cartoons, getting a goodie bag with their own stuff, including a frozen yogurt gift certificate, a gold coin to get a treasure and a balloon, it's like the fair!! Also, one time we went Sis got done first so the dentist had her come over and help with JD, she got to wash her hands, put on gloves, and use the water sprayer and sucker on him!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kindergarten Registration

I can't believe my boy is ready for Kindergarten!! I took JD to school to get him all registered for Kindergarten, he was a little nervous but really excited, he did a good job and was excited to get his packet to work on for the summer and be ready in the Fall!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Boys

My boys in their Sunday best!!
JD is getting so big, he's so kind and patient. He's always a problem solver and doesn't like to see anyone upset.

JJ has changed quite a bit also, he is still stubborn and a little defiant at times but he is also growing up and getting so smart. He likes to cuddle-which he never used to be able to slow down for-and he plays very well with his brother and sister!My crazy boys!!!

Easter weekend was also General Conference weekend, we love general conf and look forward to creating new family traditions with it every year! It's so inspiring and uplifting, it reminds me what I am here for and that I really can make it through, even when I'm right in the middle of a messy house, dirty-back-talking kids, eating mac & chz cause I don't want to cook and payday isn't for 2 more days, etc. etc. etc!!! Anyways-we love it!! J is a convert to the church so he didn't grow up with general conf and has gone to the priesthood sessions mostly by himself ever since he was a member. Even though you're not technically supposed to go until you're a little older J and JD have had great experiences going together the past few years. This year JJ is 3 and he decided he wanted to go also- we all know JJ -Little Mr. can't sit still and be quiet for more than 2 minutes together. I told J, this is supposed to be a relaxed and good experiecnce for him so he should prob just leave JJ home with me (mean Mom, I know, but so true!!) After going back and forth over and over again JJ promised he would be good and sit still for two whole hours so J took both the boys. When they came home I was anxious to find out how it went and J said, on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the best, he gave the boys a 7. How great!! Now it can be an all boys tradition to go to priesthood session and bring the girls home ice cream!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Amie's visit

My BFF called on Thurs and said, we're coming for spring break, we'll be there on Sat, is that ok? I said, Of course!! So she braved the 12 hour drive all by herself with 3 boys in the back. I was so glad to have her company and to have someone to talk with, craft with, break my diet with, etc etc!! We did all kind of fun things like, flying kites, playing games, watching movies, playing in the snow, FHE, rootbeer floats, gas station nachos, crafting, and lots more!! The 6 kids did ok together, we had to do a lot more refereeing than we wanted to and had to separate some of them but there were times, like in this pic that they all worked/played together and especially after they were all in bed for the night, we had a GREAT time!! Their trip was cut short because of snow-yes during spring break- and dangerous passes but we had such a fun time and are so grateful they made the trip over!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

8 Years!!!

(So, I'm way behind on blogging) J and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary at the end of Feb. it was so much fun. We got to do a session at the temple and then go out to dinner. We have some great friends who told us not to worry about getting back to pick up the kids anytime soon and our parents sent us a gift to celebrate so we got to have a worry-free and no-cost-to-us date night. That is so rare in the land of 3 kids, it was WONDERFUL!!! We are so happy together, 8 years has gone by so quickly and it just keeps getting better!!!