Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have never had a baby that is so into textiles- he loves fabric, ribbon, blankets, even paper. Whenever he is playing with a toy, blanket, stuffed animal, etc. without fail, he will turn it over and over until he finds the tag and will start sucking on!! At our picnic he eventually found the tag of the blanket we were sitting on!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Farmers Market

Baby loves being outside, especially at the farmer's market with all the sights and sounds!!

JJ asked for a spiderweb, a spider, and a fly on his arm, not sure what that's about but, he got what he wanted!

Although you may think JD asked to be Gene Simmons from KISS he actually asked for Spiderman, pretty close!!

Sis asked to be a fairy!
Getting all gooped up with sunblock for the farmers market!!

We love the Farmers Market, there is so much fun to be had there! We love the food, the smells, the sights of all the talented wares!! Our fav's are: snowcones, Fritz's beer brats, homemade jewelry, face painting, crazy corn on the cob, fudge, it's endless!! They also have different themes for different days- on kids day they have scavenger hunts, the firemen have their trucks out to climb on and we got to shoot the fire hose, there are prizes and they release 10,000 lady bugs!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Last zoo post, from this trip anyways!

zoo continued

The kids got to see how they sized up to the wingspan of a golden eagle (Sis & baby's pics are above, I couldn't fit all the pics I wanted on one post!!) We put all the kids in the play nest which is crazy because we did this a long time ago and all that was in the nest were Sis and JD when he was one and she was 3!!!

Some more Lita fun!

We also went to the zoo while Lita was here. It's not a huge zoo but it's nice that we can see the whole thing with all the animals in one afternoon. We took our lunch to the play at the park outside the zoo and after that we went and had lots of fun seeing the lions, turtles, peacocks, penguins, birds, zebras, etc. etc, etc!!