Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We're starting??!!?!?!?

So JJ's 2 1/2 now and I don't want to change diapers anymore but I REALLY don't want to clean messes up off the carpet, bed, couches, etc. He's kind of interested in potty training and I'm half-hearted about it so we'll see if this round actually works!! He really just likes the treats, we use whoppers, all three of my kids see them at the store and say, "Mommy, can we get some pee-pee candy!"

Friday, March 27, 2009

War Heads

JD got a warhead candy from primary and the kids wanted to try it after lunch. It was funny to see their reactions!! Needless to say they don't like them!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


The boys went to have some work done on the car while the girls stayed at home and got ready together. We did our hair together, our makeup, chose the same outfits and everything. I love my daughter, she's so fun, kind, helpful, loving, beautiful, smart, silly, I could go on and on- she's WONDERFUL!! It was a fun day being twins!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Boys (and girl) are Back!!

Everyone knows how much our family loves HSM 3, here's a little number from our favorite song!! We're seriously considering having JD grow his hair out so he can be Troy and JJ can be Chad for Halloween and they can do this dance!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Goodbye dear WMD

So we figured it was finally time for a "new" 2nd car. The Ford Tempo, which we lovingly refer to as the WMD (weapon of mass destruction!), is just not performing like we would have hoped. We bought it 4 yrs ago and even then it was a piece of you-know-what. It is a 1990 and we've dumped a good $2000 bucks into it for things like breaks, a transmission, windshield wipers, etc. And still the emergency break doesn't work, if you're driving in the snow you can only go about 5mph if you want to stay alive, and you have to hold the key forward the whole time you're driving or else it will pop back and stop (bad ignition switch I think)!! Oh and did I mention I got pulled over in it because one of the headlights is out and then after that I ran out of gas!! I love this car!!! So after that night I told Jerrod I never wanted to drive it again and he started a serious search for a new-to-us vehicle that could hold the whole family if need be and had 4 wheel drive. He finally found something he wanted and thanks to a little loan from my parents (which I promise we'll pay back!) he has found what he was looking for! So our lovely wmd is up for grabs with the asking price starting at $300. Don't all jump at once cause I want to stress the fact that if a loved one will be driving it you might want to reconsider!!! It got J where he needed to go, most of the time, for the past 4 years and during the summer months when the roads are really dry it's not so bad!!!!! Hahahahahahha

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So, I admit to letting my kids watch too many movies. It's too cold to go outside still, I can only entertain for so long and when I need to get things done, they sit so still for movies!! I need to be better about that. Here is what they came up with to do when I cut off the movie watching!! Pretty creative and definitely looks like something that would warrant a visit to the ER pretty soon!! I love it when they have fun playing together and come up with crazy fun kid stuff to do!!