Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

It's so nice to have one day a year that is completely devoted to the women in our lives who work so hard to help keep us healthy and happy!! Yesterday was a really nice day at out house. The kids were eager to help and be kind, they gave me wonderful homemade books and cards, I got breakfast in bed, chocolates, J gave me a gift card to one of my favorite clothing stores, and a delicious dinner!! I'm grateful for my family, I love them very much! I wish it was Mother's Day everyday!! This morning when we woke up the first thing JJ said was, "awwwww it's not Mother's Day anymore!" I told him he can treat me like it's Mother's Day everyday!!!


Anonymous said...

SO glad you got spoiled! You totally deserve it!

Sarah said...

So cute! Glad it was a nice day for you. I love your new background, too, BTW.

Nana said...

Oh how sweet, what a great looking family and I'm so proud to be your Nana...but guess reality every day is Mother's Day~Bunches and more bunches of love to the moon and back!