Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My body is a temple.

So Jayden got some Shrek tattoos for his birthday and I put them on the kids, they thought they were great and I thought they were fun, until.... Jocey started talking about getting "real" ones that don't wash off. I had a talk with her about how our bodies and special, sacred gifts from our Heavenly Father and we should treat them like temples. I'm not sure if any of it sunk in. After our talk I told her to go up to Daddy and quote a line from one of our favs, "Sons of Provo" and it went like this- Jocey: "Daddy, my body is a temple and you ain't got no recommend"
Jerrod: uncontrollable laughter then, "Did Mommy tell you to say that?!!!"
Oh well, maybe I'm fostering the idea of permanent tattoos with fake ones, maybe I'll be regretting it when my kids are 18 and their bodies are pierced and tattooed!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My big boy is 3!!

I can't believe our oldest son is 3 today. For breakfast I read him parts from his birth journal and it seems like just yesterday I was screaming in pain at the hospital waiting for that little booger to get here!! He is such a good boy, we are very proud of what a loving heart and kind soul he has. For his special day Daddy surprised him with a decorated kitchen and chocolate milk with the traditional maple bar! Then we took the kids to play at the splash park, ride the carousel, lunch at Dirty Ron's, presents when Daddy got home from work, cake, and a movie night!! Wheww we are worn out but it sure was a fun day!! Side note: I asked him what he wanted on his cake, Lightening Mcqueen, Spiderman..... he thought about it and said, "High School Musical" I said, are you sure, and he said, "High School Musical!!" Our family is hooked on HSM and obviously so is our 3 year old son!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

My siblings

When we went home in June I got to see my Brother and Sisters, it is always such a fun time to laugh and joke with them and now our children are playing together!!! It seems crazy that we're old enough to have our own kids, when we get together we still act like kids ourselves!!! I really do love you all very much!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

We love the 4th of July!!

This is our family's favorite holiday!! Fireworks, parades, candy, meat on the grill, what could be better!!! We missed being with extended family this year but still had a great time. On the night of the 3rd we went and watched Rigby's fireworks and for being such a small town they put on a good show!! We brought popcorn and bug spray and we were set! After keeping the kids up late we woke them up early for the parade, we thought it started at 9 so we showed up at 8:58 and to our surprise we were early for once, it didn't start until 10 so we got great seats!! We were also able to run across the street to the grocery store for breakfast, and potty breaks!! The kids got really into it, I'm sure it had to do with people throwing them candy!! Then we came home for a fun afternoon of putting in sprinkler systems whooo hooo!! We had a really yummy dinner and then Jerrod put on a pretty good show on such a tight budget!! It's a wonderful time to celebrate the independence and freedom we have in this beautiful God-given land of the free and home of the brave!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I can't believe we did it!!!

For a while now Sis has been asking to get her haircut, she HATES it when we have to brush it and throws a huge fit!! So I finally took her to do it, we checked out the Locks of love website and your donation needs to be 1o inches or more for a wig so that's what we did!! She was so excited, once I explained what donating meant, she kept saying, "I want to give my hair to a little girl who doesn't have any, I want to be like Jesus." I am so proud of what a good girl she is!! She LOVES her new hair and will brush it on her own every morning, I cried at the salon when they cut it and am still getting used to the change!!! She looks beautiful either way!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We got to go to WA to visit for Father's Day and Ardy & Harold's 60th wedding anniversary. It was such a wonderful time, we miss our family a lot. The kids had sooooo much fun playing with all their cousins we wish we lived closer so they could play all of the time!! Love you lots and miss you much!!