Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We did the Puyallup!!

Auntie Aimers, Uncle Greggers, Papa & Grammie
Sis & Bella
The Boys
Our crazy family!!

The kids each one a blow-up hammer or dolphin at a $3 win everytime kids game

How cute!!
Wow, check out these pumpkins, are we back in the great state of Idaho??!!
Riding the rides
Riley & Nicholas

We lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve the Puyallup Fair. For the past two years we've been able to go on JJ's birthday and have tons of fun!! Both Jerrod and I have such fond memories of going when we were young and in school that it's been so great to take our children to enjoy it. We love the food, the rides, the games, and of course, all the free samples!!! This trip we even got to see Carrie Underwood in concert, only through the fence and just for a minute but it was fun!! Thanks so much for everything Papa & Grammie, we love you!!


~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

How fun! I can't believe how big your boys have gotten! They are both so cute!

Nana said...

I haven't been to the fair in years but I do remember going with Jerrod and Jon on the ferris wheel (which they always wanted to "rock the boat" to make Nana scared (afraid of heights). And we always played the game where you rolled a ball into 50,40,30...you get the picture. We won too! The kids (family) looks GREAT !!

amie979 said...

What is Jocelyn doing in that Pumpkin picture!! Looks like you guys had lots of fun!!

Matt & Donna said...

Hi Guddat family! It's the Ternus family from your old ward. I'm a little blog obsessed and I click on random links all the time and look who I found...you guys! Your family is too cute and your kids are getting so big! We're in Ohio now, but missing Rexburg...so thanks for the pics. What have you guys been up to? If you have a chance stop by our blog at theternusfamily.blogspot.com - nothing too exciting, but I'd love to keep in touch.

Donna Ternus

Fairbanks Family said...

Well, our blog was accidentally deleted and we're trying to spread the word that we have a new address. If you run across anyone that doesn't have it, please let them know! Thanks! www.fairbanksfamilypod.blogspot.com

vagelis said...

oh its fantastic there!i miss your family!

Jon Guddat said...

Jerrod, please tell me you ate a burger with plenty of grilled onions! Family looks great. Plenty of memories for me there!