Thursday, May 29, 2008

School's out 4 the summer!

Here's a pic of Jocey with her preschool teacher Mrs. Nikki. We would be sad saying goodbye to her on her last day of preschool, if she wasn't going to be there again in the fall, but she is!!!!!!! I'm sad that she misses the cutoff for Kindergarten by ONE DAY!!!! I called the school district and her elem school and they have both told me more than once that there is NO WAY that she will be able to go to K this year. I tried everything, can she test in, can she go to private school for a month and transfer over, can she just go anyways??????????? No she can't. The part that makes me the most sad is thinking of all her friends getting on the bus and she just has to watch out the window and wait:( So in the fall she'll go to Mrs. Nikki's preschool and the BYU-I preschool.


Me and My Boys said...

Hey! I'm stocking you now, jk I found you off of the Jardines, we just started a blog too they are so fun! your little family is so cute!

amie979 said...

She looks SO pretty!!

Amy said...

Your family is adorable and has grown up so much!! I'm glad I found your blog! Email me at and I'll invite you to mine.
Amy Rondeau

Jon Guddat said...

We're going to be dealing with that on both sides of the equation. Delaney is October, Adelyn is August. Like your kids, though, both will be geniuses no matter what year they start school. That's just the way the Guddats roll.

sjmiller said...

That is a great picture! Such a pretty little girl!

Olivia has the same "problem", but by two days! ARG!!

The school does have an early start K program though that starts in January, so O will go to that. But, same thing... all her classmates at church will be going to K, and she won't.

Everyone says it's the better thing though, since she will be the top of her class. So, think of that! She will also be the top of her class! YAY!

Ashley said...

Jocelyn is seriously so beautiful! I wish I had that hair! Bummer about kindergarten :( One day, come on! Well at least she has a fun preschool to attend and I'm sure she'll love that!

adorable pearsons said...

She is so darling. We miss that little one! I am sure she is more than ready for kindergarden- so that has got to be frustrating. She send her our way and I'll pretend to be a preschool teacher :) just so we can play with her some more!