Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Garden

I just wanted to add this pic so people know that I actually do help with the garden, not nearly as much as J but I do help!
Alright!! we finally moved our excess (aka 3 times too much) topsoil so we could actually plant. On Sat we got all our seeds and all the plant starts that have been occupying my limited kitchen space for the past 2 months into the ground!! This pic is of J after we finally cleared out and raked through our topsoil so it was primed for our seeds. Then we dug the trenches, and put in the seed. We are so excited to see the fruits (or veggies :)) of our labors!!


Ashley said...

Go Megan, I'm sure that Jerrod couldn't do it without you! Yay for gardens, I hope you get lots of yummy produce this summer!

Lindsey~Isaac~Kason said...

Your garden looks great. I bet you guys are loving having a house and garden

amie979 said...

I'm just glad to see a picture as proof that you aren't 5 months pg. HAHA Unless you are hiding it well;) HAHA LOVE YOU!
PS you're garden looks great