Friday, June 24, 2011

We love Lita, no serioulsy, LOVE her!!

The school sent J to Nashville, TN for 4 days so Lita (my Mom) came and saved us!! We always have so much fun when she visits and this time was no exception. We went to the zoo, to the Riot Zone, out to dinner, shopping (my personal favorite ), to the park, deep fried a lot of food, went to the farmers market, put on a play, played on the computer, jumped on the trampoline, we had TONS of fun!! Thank you Mom for coming to spend time with us and having so much fun!!! One night we went to Applebees for dinner and a face painter was there doing free face painting, she was amazing, a true artist, the kids' (and mom's) faces looked great!! More pics of the fun trip to come!!!


Nana said...

WOW, I JUST LOVE THE "PAINTED FACES"..."Lita" does a great job with that!

Сергей Ярошевский said...

beautiful children!