Monday, September 13, 2010

Demolition Derby!!!!

Every year the Madison County Search and Rescue puts on a demolition derby to raise funds. This is the first year we've gone and we loved everything about it!!! From the mud and the mullets to the the crashing and bashing!!! The kids loved to watch the cars run into each other and each round we would pick our favorite to see how far it would get. During the breaks when they had to use tow trucks to pull out the "dead" cars the National Guard was throwing out prizes and they had a money fun run. There were different heats for different ages. They threw out tubes w/$1's $5's $10's & $20's on one end of the muddy field and the kids lined up at the other, when they blew the horn you just ran like crazy to try and get a tube. The first heat had 5-8 year olds and Sis REALLY wanted to join in. This being our first year, we didn't know they did this so we didn't come prepared, plus the thought of my little girl out there with a lot of back country boys was really scary so we told her no. She was sad and started crying so the man sitting next to us took out his wallet and gave her a dollar and told her how smart she was for not getting all muddy to get her dollar!! What a sucker!!! She had a smile on her face the rest of the time!! It ended up being a great event and the winner of the whole derby was actually the Sheriff's son who turned around and donate all his winnings right back to Search & Rescue!!!


Shannon said...

Yes! The 'Burg's demolition derby is so fun. (I wish we went more than just once.)

Maybe one day we'll see y'all competing in it? :) You could totally win.

Nana said...

Demolition derbys are great fun to watch. A great idea to add the mud run but I can't invision Joclyn covered from head to toe. Jayden happy to watch and well JJ forget about the $$$ he'd love just the MUD!