Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seriously, Way behind!!

Back in June, J and I got to have an awesome date night!! Our wonderful neighbor took the kids for 5+ hours while we drove down to Blackfoot to see Brian Regan. He is HILARIOUS!!! We went with some friends down the street and had a blast! No kids and LOTS of laughing. In fact, those of you who know J well, know that he has a very distinguishable laugh, and very loud. A group of people right in front of us actually moved their seats because he was laughing so hard and loud!!! It was tons of fun!!


Adam and Christine Jardine said...

Awesome! We love Brian Reegan! I had someone ask me if he is as clean in person as he is on video--obviously he is or I'm sure you wouldn't have laughed so hard!

Nana said...

Jerrod laughs loud??? Is it like a machine gun..Ha