Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Boys are training-wheel-less!!!

On Memorial Day JD really wanted to try riding his bike with no training wheels so J took them off and helped him go!! When JJ saw how much fun it was, he wanted his off too!! So both the boys are riding two-wheelers!! The first day or two they were a little shaky but now they are experts, even a little too comfortable- we don't think it will be long before JJ's doing all kinds of crazy tricks on his bike, he has no fear!!


Linford Family said...

That's cool-I can't believe your kids are so old! They are cute!

Shannon said...

That's awesome!!! Your boys have some sweet skills. (I was like 6 when I figured it out.)

Nana said...

Oh, Oh, Oh....brings back memories from Jerrod & Jon. Nana is so proud, but any trips to hospital yet :-)