Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I'm NOT a morning person (shocker, I know) but J is exactly opposite, he loves to wake up early and get started for the day. Our children are a mix of the both of us, Sis is a night owl and likes to sleep in, JJ is up at the crack of dawn, sometimes earlier, and JD does both. For some reason this morning, they were all up and ready to go when the sun came up so J took them out onto the porch to watch the sun come up. I, of course, was still snuggled in my warm bed fast asleep!!


Shannon said...

Love it! I am so with, I love my bed in the morning... So glad they were able to have that special time. That is what childhood is all about, eh?

Air said...

I LOVE the snowman in May too...hope he really enjoyed the sun coming up as well LOL ;-)
Love you guys,
Auntie Aimers

Koreena said...

That's so sweet!

Nana said...

Oh, how wonderful...I like to sleep in too, but I sure do miss those sunrises.