Friday, April 16, 2010

Amie's visit

My BFF called on Thurs and said, we're coming for spring break, we'll be there on Sat, is that ok? I said, Of course!! So she braved the 12 hour drive all by herself with 3 boys in the back. I was so glad to have her company and to have someone to talk with, craft with, break my diet with, etc etc!! We did all kind of fun things like, flying kites, playing games, watching movies, playing in the snow, FHE, rootbeer floats, gas station nachos, crafting, and lots more!! The 6 kids did ok together, we had to do a lot more refereeing than we wanted to and had to separate some of them but there were times, like in this pic that they all worked/played together and especially after they were all in bed for the night, we had a GREAT time!! Their trip was cut short because of snow-yes during spring break- and dangerous passes but we had such a fun time and are so grateful they made the trip over!!!


Ashley Wray said...

Sounds like fun! So glad you loved those cinnamon rolls as much as we did, seriously, they are my new go to cinnamon roll recipe!
Misti said they ran into you guys in Idaho falls a few weeks ago, how fun! We really do need to have a 51st ward reunion!

Nana said...

I'm glad you had a great time with your BFF and 6 kids. Sounds like you were very busy.