Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Year's Goal

JD was going crazy wanting my pop and kept asking for more and more

Sissy was also chugging on my pop and JJ was eating all the candy he could shove in his face (with some not making it, obviously).

One of our resolutions for this year is to eat healthier so we are NOT eating fast food (anything with a drive-thru is out with the exception of Subway), candy, or drinking pop. Most of you who know me know this will be REALLY hard, I have a HUGE sweet-tooth and love sugar. Luckily, baked goods like brownies, cookies, etc are still ok, as well as ice cream-I couldn't just go cold turkey!! We have made it a month and a half now and I ocassionally go through withdrawals but for the most part we're all doing great. These are some pics of us on New Year's Eve "disposing" of the candy we had left in the house and my good friend brought me over a caffeine-free diet Dr. Pepper (If I would have known those existed I might not have made the pop rule!!) Since Dec. 31 we have been good but I'm not sure how long I can hold out!!! The kids were way hyper because of all the sugar!!


Koreena said...

What a great goal! I'm so afraid we would fail the first day on the no candy part. Pop I could live without the rest of my life and be fine, but no candy?! Good for you guys!!!

Hokanson Family said...

Hey meg we didn't eat out for a whole month it was hard at first but then it got fun. we have our own restaurant in our house. We are doing it again this month!Good job

Robyn said...

Good Job! One month down!