Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Academic Achiever

Every month or so each grade gets to pick one student to be an academic achiever in different areas. Sis was chosen to be the Kindergarten academic achiever in Math in October!! She loves math and is very good at it!! We're very proud of you Sissy!!


Amy said...

She is so big. Congrats on being an academic achiever in MATH! I would never get that award.

Thanks for the news about the reunion. We actually were thinking about visiting my Grandma who lives in Burley, so it is possible!! Do they know what part of the summer they would do it??? Thanks!

Linford Family said...

What a smarty pants! She is so cute! Thanks for the comment and the info on 51st ward's reunion. I'm not sure if we'll make it, but if we're around then we will definitely come!

Nana said...

Ohhhh, congratulations Jocelyn. I just knew you would be the classroom choice! Remember Nana and you worked on math (add and subtract) and you even got problems correct that you haven't even been taught yet...YEAH!!!