Saturday, October 17, 2009

JD's stitches

It's amazing that we had to get stitches again in our household and it wasn't on JJ. Actually, JJ caused these stitches, he threw a cap gun at JD's face at close range!! It actually wasn't very deep, just a wide gaping wound that required three stitches. It happened over Labor Day weekend and he now has a small scar but nothing major, as Papa says, "Chicks dig scars!"


Daven and Savanna Lake said...

"Chicks dig scars" says the man who swings his kids using a rope contraption...JD you better listen, this man's advice is golden. Just kiddding...What a tough little guy. He didn't look to phased about it in those pictures!

Drew and Mariann said...

Poor kid! Keagan has had to get stitches 3 times already!...I'm hoping that it's not any indication of how his future is going to be. If so, I'd better UP my health ins. LOL