Wednesday, September 2, 2009

JD's 4th B-day

We're way behind and I didn't want to overshadow my angel of a child and his birthday!! It was back in July and he had a fun day, he got the traditional breakfast of a maple bar and chocolate milk, then he got to see his cake (which I totally stole the idea from my wonderfully awesome and creative friend, thanks Chris!!!), after that we went to see a movie at the theater, that may be one of my kids' favorite things to do, then we headed over to the park for pizza and presents and some playing, of course. Finally we headed back home to eat the racing track cupcakes and it was an awesome day!!! He's getting ready to start preschool on Tues and is way excited. JD, we love you tons, you bring peace to our home, you always have a kind word to say, and you are so giving, Happy birthday, we love you tons!!!!

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Brittany said...

Jayden, you are the man. Don't ever forget it. - Uncle Goods.