Friday, May 15, 2009

My little scrapbooker!!

Of course while my Mom was here we went to Roberts!! The kids got to pick out some stickers while we were there. Then about a week ago I was in my craft room scrapbooking and all the kids came in to be with me so everyone got their own piece of paper, crayons, and their stickers from Roberts!! It was so fun to work together with the kids!! I couldn't believe that JJ sat still long enough to make this awesome scrapbook page all about firefighters!! Jerrod couldn't believe it either so he took a pic, it's a good thing he did cause about 5 minutes later JJ ripped all the stickers off his page and ripped up the paper, that's our boy!!!


Cook family said...

What a stud maybe you have a fireman in training.

Nana said...

How fun that must be...I have to admit at first I was surprised he stayed in one place to finish but after reading the whole post....Now I understand! Good job JJ