Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Family visit!!

JJ loves Bella but he always makes her scream and cry for some reason :(
Jocey and Riley spent the whole weekend calling each other "Sis" and playing girlie stuff!!
Dad drove his new Jeep through our yard and got it stuck in the foot of snow so Kyle pulled him out with the trail blazer!!
We love shoes!!!

My family came to visit us a few weeks ago. We had so much fun spending time together, playing games, having snacks, going out to eat, and doing what we love most-shopping-especially for shoes but I did introduce them to the world of Real Deals and needless to say it is their new favorite store!!!The kids had tons of fun playing with their cousins and my Sister and I had fun scrapbooking together!! Thanks so much for everything Grammie and Papa and Uncle Kyle, Auntie Lele, Kaleb, Riley, and Bella we love you lots and can't wait to see you again soon!!!


amie979 said...

Did you guys get a wii or did your family bring it over?

Nana said...

WOW...shoes, shoes and more shoes!!!
Glad you had bunches of fun with the family. If you didn't have wii...were you playing Deal or No Deal or Wheel of Fortune?

Megs said...

Kyle brought his wii. The only "gaming systems" we have are plug n play wheel of fortune and High school musical games!!!