Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Christmas tree

Here's the tree!! Living happily in the beautiful forest among it's peers,until we came along and cut it down to have a decoration for our home just to discard it at the first of the year. I didn't really think of it that way until now and now I feel kind of bad, oops.
Here's Jerrod cutting it down! What a real man, destroying nature with tools and stuff!!
He had to use the ladder to put our Angel Moroni tree topper on top!

This year we got a permit to go to the forest and cut down our own tree!! Other than our near-death experience in our un-4x4 minivan, sliding down the hill towards the ravine- thanks to the Dunn family and the Jugganiakloo family for all the help!!! We had a great time!! Jerrod was having a snowball fight with Nick, all JJ wanted to do was eat the snow, and after about 5 min the rest of us were frozen!! But we ended up getting a great tree that we had such a fun time decorating together and reminiscing about the beautiful ornaments we've collected and have been given ever since Jerrod and I were little. One of our favorite parts of decorating for Christmas is the tree!!! We love to sit in our living room with only the tree lights on and enjoy the beautiful memories of Christmas!!


Mark&Noelle Taylor Family said...

I love it that is what we did befor this year. I bet your kids had so much fun.

The Hydes said...

What a beautiful experience! I love the Tree!

amie979 said...

how fun other than the near death part!!

Seth and Rachel said...

What!!! What is this near death part, I must hear more! I am glad that you are okay and you made another great memory chopping your own tree down, I think that's pretty special.

Nana said...

Oh yeah, the "near death experience"...that I remember but as Jerrod was ohhh so carefully steering in the right direction..not a word or scream could be heard. Although I didn't get out of the car or hike up to get the tree, I did enjoy seeing all the decorations and seeing some that I made back in 1983! Thanks guys!